Tamriel (meaning 'Dawn's Beauty' in Aldmeris and 'Starry Heart' in Ehlnofex; Taazokaan in Dragon Language) is a continent situated in Nirn, and the main setting of the Elder Scrolls games.

Locations In TamrielEdit

Tamriel consists of nine countries:

  • Cyrodill: The heart of the continent, home to the Imperial race and center of politics in Tamriel.
  • Black Marsh: The swamp marshlands in the south-east of Tamriel, home to the reptilian race known as the Argonians.
  • High Rock: A assortment of small villages and big cities to the far north of Tamriel; home to two races, the Orsimer and the Bretons.
  • Hammerfell: A hot region to the north-west of Cyrodill, home to the Redguards.
  • Morrowind: The barren ash-laid lands dominated by the central region of Vvardenfell and the volcano that lies within. This land is the home of the Dunmer, or Dark Elves
  • Elsewyr: Desert plains belonging to the Khajit south of Cyrodill; there are various jungles throughout as well.
  • Valenwood: The dense jungle tundra belonging to the Bosmer, or Wood Elves.
  • Skyrim: A snowy mountainous region that is ruled by the warrior-race, the Nords.
  • Summerset Isle: A group of islands belonging to the highly intelligent race the Altmer; also known as the High Elves

History of TamrielEdit

The history of Tamriel is cut into four different sections; First Era, Second Era, Third Era, and Fourth Era.

First Era: The First Era is a long section of Tamriel, mostly to do with the shifting of power from the Elves to Men and the birth of most religions that suceed today.

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